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Aims and Objects

Aims and Objects
The aims and objects of the Association are:
  1. To promote and project the privileges, rights, interests and prestige of the Association and it members and to promote unity and cooperation amongst advocates and other Association of Advocates;
  2. To express opinion on proposed legislation and other matters of interest of the Association and to make representations in respect thereof:
  3. To watch the state of law, progress of legislation and administration of justice and to take such steps as may be necessary for their reforms;
  4. To make representations from time to time to the authorities on matters affecting the Bar;
  5. To promote, organised and participate in All-India an International Lawyers’ Associations and activities connected therewith;
  6. To take necessary steps to prevent abuse of law or malfunction of administration of justice and to suggest remedies therefore;
  7. To promote and maintain a high standard of professional conduct among members of the Bar;
  8. To establish and maintain an adequate library for the use of members and to provide other facilities to them;
  9. To administer schemes for social security and welfare of the members
  10. To adopt all such measures as might be necessary or incidental to the carrying out of the aforesaid objects.
  11. To take measures including founding and applying of funds for aid to deserving members of their families and its employees: