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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits
JKHCBA Membership comes with many advantages and benefits. Lawyer welfare, education, advocacy, networking, volunteering and mentoring opportunities, referrals — these are just some of the many reasons to belong to the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association.

The  Jammu and Kashmir Court Advocates Welfare Trust has been setup to benefit all member Advocates in case of medical emergencies and serious illnesses. The Trust also focuses its efforts on providing scholarships to children of member Advocates.


JKHCBA regularly organises seminars, conferences and educational workshops to promote a full rounded development for its member Advocates. These seminars promote the dissemination of information on legal subjects and is facilitated by subject experts.


JKHCBA provides opportunities to its members to work together and craft policy to help advance legislative positions, to raise awareness and bring change to important issues that affect the profession and the administration of justice.


JKHCBA provides guidance, advice, and valuable mentoring to its members along with various volunteering opportunities for legal & social causes