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It is for information of all the members of the J&K High Court Bar Association, Srinagar, that the Bar Association is in receipt of a communication dated 24.07.2020 from Bar Council of India, seeking the supply of details of every practicing Advocate and is member of the Bar Association, as per the format given below: –

  1. S. No.
  2. Enrolment Numbers of Advocate in State Bar Council and J&K High Court Bar Association, Srinagar with the year of enrolment
  3. Certificate of Practise details, issued after clearance of AIBE, where-ever applicable
  4. Name of Advocate (to be printed in short on cause list)
  5. Full name of Advocate
  6. Name of Advocate in Local Language
  7. Date of Birth of Advocate
  8. Gender of Advocate M-Male, F-Female, T-Transgender
  9. Address of Advocate
  10. Address of Advocate in Local Language
  11. Email of Advocate
  12. Mobile number of Advocate
  13. Whatsapp (if any)
  14. Phone number of Advocate
  15. Fax Number
  16. Office Address of Advocate where he/she practices
  17. Pin Code
  18. District
  19. Taluka
  20. Office Address of Advocate in local language
  21. Type of Advocate, (Individual-1, Firm-2, Company-3)
  22. If Firm or Company, Registration No. in BCI

It is further informed that the Bar Association was in constant touch with the Hon’ble High Court, which is the State Bar Council, so as to verify whether Hon’ble High court has received any such information or not. The respected Registrar General, J&K High Court has today informed the Bar Association that, yes they have also received the said communication and unfortunately at the time of submitting the information they have not given the full particulars of the lawyers as is reflected in the communication dated 24.07.2020 of the BCI. Since the BCI has now directly informed the President/Secretary Bar Associations of the respective States to give the full particulars of the lawyers as per the format mentioned supra, who are registered with their respective Bar Associations.
Accordingly, all the members of the Bar Association are requested submit the soft copy of the required information as per the above format at the e-mail id of the Bar Association i.e., jkhcba@gmail.com within a period of 10 days for its onward transmission to the BCI. In case any member finds it difficult to submit the required details through e-mail, he can submit the computerized hardcopy of the required information to the Bar Clerk Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob, who will be available in the office of the Bar Association at District Court Complex Moomin Abad, Srinagar during office hours. In this regard, Hon’ble District Judge, Srinagar, has also been requested to allow the advocates to enter the court premises, so that they are able to submit their forms.
Further the members are requested not worry about the last date mentioned in the notification, as the Bar Association has already had telephonic conversation with the Joint Secretary, BCI who has assured that extension will be given to the members in view of the prevailing situation and also in this regard a formal communication has been issued to the Chairman, BCI. Therefore, members are requested to keep calm and do the needful.

Mohammad Ashraf